Archives quotidiennes : 5 août 2011

Rain prayer

La Marie
Sewa Semalan Sabha
Reg 1500
Ganga Dharr Shiv Mandir

Due to the severe drought in the country, the above-named association
invite you, your family and friends in the Maha Yaj which will be held on this
Sunday, 16th January as from 9.00 to 12.00 in the Sewa Samelan Sahba, La Marie.


• Maha Yaj
• Speech on Makar Sankranti 2011
• Distribution of certificates to students of Sewa Samelan Sabha Hindi school
• Opening ceremony of Branche Sport
• Opening ceremony of Branche Musicale et Culturelle
• Opening ceremony of Kali Mata Devotional Branch

All devotees are humbly requested to bring along Puja Saman and fruits for the Maha yaj.

For any kind of donation, please contact on 7585559 or 9100032