Archives quotidiennes : 30 mars 2013


Another rant on the use of accented letters in Creole…


aster ou kapav payé ek ou portab !
Orange Money

If payé had been spelt paye there would be a great chance that most people, if not all, would have primarily read it like the French word paye (the verb “to pay” or the noun “pay”), especially that in Creole there is indeed a word pronounced as [pɛj]. The very fact that an accent is used here makes matters much clearer for the reader.

Incidentally, how does Dr Carpooran say we should write this? Oh, I see: pey, peye. Well, sakenn so fason. Mauritius Telecom obviously preferred to be more readable, and quickly so, than to follow “the norm”.



Accent créole
Asté ek vendé