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Kreol – A Description of Mauritian Creole, by Philip Baker


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The author’s interest in the local “patois” originated from his endeavours to speak our lingua franca during his first stay in the island during the period 1965/67. From the series of notes he took at the time he intended, at the outset, to produce a simple teaching grammar with the prime object to help non-Mauritians to learn Creole, but decided later to rearrange all the material he had gathered into in the form of of a more ambitious reference grammar. The result of his labours is this book — KREOL — a very comprehensive study and detailed analysis of the local patois, which we are trying to review here.

Le Cernéen, 20 September 1973.

Who, nowadays, would call Mauritian Creole a “patois”? A few people perhaps, people “of a certain age”, but not a many.