Bangla cricket, far away from home

There are numerous Bangladeshi workers in Mauritius. A lot of them crossed the sea to work in the local construction industry. Martians can sometimes look down on them, and not only because on average they are short people. Furthermore, about all Martians have no interest whatsoever in cricket, a game which is hugely popular in South Asia.

On Mars, Bangladeshi construction workers seem to miss a good cricket game. When they have spare time, some of them can carve a makeshift cricket bat out of a madrier.

Being on site at irregular intervals only, I haven’t been able to see what the ball was made of and I haven’t seen them play. I have only seen them work, or eat out of their Bangla catoras.

3 réponses à “Bangla cricket, far away from home

  1. Catoras – what the trendy ones are calling « tiffins » and yet, tiffin is really lunch and not the metal containers;
    Here is one example:

  2. Siganus Sutor

    Beaver, this is not unlike the karahi (“caraille”), which is a dish in both acceptations of the word: it can be the bowl-like frying pan and it can be the type of food that you cook in that pan. The English also highjacked the word casserole to that effect. But I never knew that people somewhere were using the word tiffin to talk of a catora.

    I never bothered to ask the Bangladeshi workers what word they used to mention the catora.

  3. BTW: In the Martian language we also have the word « tifaim » ou « tifin » if i recall correctly to express either a snack or ‘prendre un goûter’.
    « Li pé pran so tifin » as an example.

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