District = District Council Area

What happened to the Grand Port district?

Likewise, in Rivière Noire – or, rather, in Bambous –, “the Black River District Council’s area is the longest but 3rd largest district of the country” (District Council’s website).

It looks like just another way to put the emphasis on those who are supposed to rule the district – a free and permanent ad.

3 réponses à “District = District Council Area

  1. Sig, I completely agree, this is so annoying. I may have to send the bureaucrats responsible an email about it. From Norway, that would shake them up…

  2. Would they have heard of Norway? (You never know).

  3. Siganus K.

    You could try to say that you are (angrily) writing from Norvez.

    Yes, this is quite annoying. It spoils your day every time you drive past one of these signs.

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