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SS Doctors

“Dr. SS · · ·”, that’s rather unfortunate when written by communists who fought nazism. Didn’t they think of Mengele and his likes when carving this gift to be sent far away and laid under the palm trees?

List of statues of Lenin (Wikipedia)

Former Soviet republics

Johvi: 1953-1991, sculptors E.Ross, A. and S. Molder.
Kohtla-Jarve: 1950-1992.
Narva: 1957-1993, sculptor O.Manni.
Parnu: 1950s-1981.
Parnu: 1981-1990, sculptor M.Varik – a replica of a monument built in Kotka in 1979.
Tallinn: 1950-1991, sculptor N.Tomsky.
Tartu: 1952-1990, sculptors A.Vomm, G.Pommer, F.Sannamaes, e.Taniloo.

Dubna (25 m, the second tallest; 15 m statue on a 10 m pedestal)
Volgograd (27 m, the tallest)

Kiev (capital), located in front of Besarabsky Market, erected in the 1950s. The statue was damaged June 30, 2009 the nose of the statue and part of the left hand where broken).The statue was resorted (at the expense of the Communist Party of Ukraine) and re-unveiled on November 27, 2009. It was re-unveiled by Petro Symonenko (leader of the Communist Party of Ukraine; during this ceremony two representatives of Svoboda threw a bottle of red paint at the monument (who where then attacked by attending Communists).

Minsk (capital)

Chisinau: date unknown – at the Moldexpo site.
Tiraspol: date unknown – outside Government building.
Rybnitsa : date unknown – main square.

Druskininkai: 1981-, sculptor N.Petrulis.
Jonava: 1984-, sculptor K.Bogdanas.
Kaunas: 1970-, sculptor N.Petrulis.
Klaipeda: 1976-1991, sculptor G.Jokubonis.
Palanga: 1977-, sculptor Ye.Vuchetich.
Panevezys: 1983-, sculptor G.Jokubonis.
Siauliai: 1970-, sculptors A.Toleikis and D.Lukosevicius.
Vilnius: 1952-1991, sculptor N.Tomsky.
Vilnius: 1979-, « Lenin and Kapsukas in Poronino », sculptor K.Bogdanas.
All statues were taken down after 1991, most eventually winding up in Grutas Park; they were all erected during the Soviet period and stood, among other places, in Vilnius (capital, at least two statues, one of them together with Lithuanian communist leader Kapsukas), Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai, Jonava, Druskininkai, Jurbarkas (the Jurbarkas Lenin is now part of an installation in Europos Parkas park in Vilnius).

Cēsis, unveiled on November 7, 1959. Made by the sculptor Karlis Jansons (1896-1986). The statue was removed October 17, 1990.

Dushanbe (capital, the monument in central Freedom Square was replaced by a monument of Ismoil Somoni, the second in Central Park was also removed and replace by a statue of Rudaki) , Khojand, Nurek, Faizabad

Other Communist and post-communist states

East Germany
Berlin 1970 by Nikolai Tomski granite, 19m, Leninplatz, removed in 1992 and buried outside Berlin (there are plans to re-erect it); a bust of Lenin can still be seen on the wall of the former swimming pool of the Russian Embassy on Behrenstrasse and there is a stained glass window of Lenin in the Old Library on Bebelplatz. One statue of Lenin approx size 2:1 is still standing in Brommystrasse (corner Köpenickerstrasse) in the yard of a removal company.

Meskel Square, Addis Ababa (capital, formerly called Lenin Square, erected in 1984 on the 10th anniversary of the Ethiopian Revolution and toppled with the fall of the Marxist government in 1991).

Érd (Statue Park)

Kraków (in Nowa Huta district, pulled down in December 1989), Poronin (removed in 1990)

Bucharest (built in front of Casa Presei Libere in April 1960, pulled down in March 1990)

Other places

United Kingdom
London Islington Museum, St Johns Street, Islington. Bust by Lubetkin commissioned by the UK Government during the war in tribute to the efforts of the Soviet Union. It was placed in Holford Square (briefly Lenin’s home when he lived in London) and unveiled in 1942. It was to have been the focal point of a new housing development to be named ‘Lenin Court’ but the bust became a target of facist sympathisers and was frequently daubed with anti-communist and anti-semetic messages, even in the months after the liberation of Belsen and Auschwitz. Lubetkin had the bust removed and when the housing development was completed in the late 1940’s, it was renamed ‘Bevin Court’. The bust was displayed in Islington Town Hall for many years and is now in the Islington Museum.

Hørsholm (1986 – 1996: today located at the Worker’s Museum, Copenhagen.)

Kotka, at Lenin park
Turku, near the art museum

Cavriago, at Piazza Lenin (Italian for Lenin Square) (near Reggio Emilia)
Capri, in the Gardens of Augustus

Nehru Park, New delhi

Enschede, in front of the TwentseWelle Museum. It was placed in the context of an exhibition about the GDR.

United States
Las Vegas – Outside Red Square Restaurant, Mandalay Bay Hotel – Headless
Seattle – Fremont neighborhood
Atlantic City, New Jersey – in the Tropicana Casino
Nothing regarding Les Salines, Cassis, Mauritius? Maybe it’s some body else who is also called Lenin then.