Kung Shee Fat Choy bleu

Kung Shee Fat Choy


5 réponses à “Kung Shee Fat Choy bleu

  1. Il est des rapprochements qui peuvent laisser songeur… (Voir la note précédente.) La veille, à cet endroit, on trouvait une seule banderole du PMSD, racolant du côté hindou. (Voir cette note du 12 février.) Le lendemain, deux banderoles côte à côte. Ont-elles été posées au même moment, par les mêmes mains ?

  2. I think the big-hearted Christians–Christians with heart disease?–are a separate group from the blue-postered PMSD. They both use Helvetica, but Miki’s poster is not as good. Is Hardy a common name, or is this just one of Françoise Hardy’s relatives?

  3. In the Mauritius Telecom phonebook there are around 80 Hardys — but just one Lorelle. I can’t say if the name is of French or English origin, but I think most Hardys speak primarily French and are seen as members of the “Franco-Mauritian community”.

    There have been allegations that there was some sort of “privileged relationship” between the political party’s leader and the religious movement. Whatever the truth is, it was fairly odd to see the two banners appear at the same spot, next to each other, on the same day.

  4. A. J. P. Crown

    Stan Lorelle lives in Mauritius? They ought to open a shop together, him and the 80 Hardys.

    I have no knowledge of the PMSD or its policies, but I don’t think their posters are perfect, yet; they’re anonymous. Don’t they stand for anything?

  5. Yes, they stand for themselves, like all other political parties.

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