Empailleurs (4)

Lançage des bottes de paille à ceux se trouvant sur le toit en train de jouer du violon.


6 réponses à “Empailleurs (4)

  1. marie-lucie

    À jouer du violon?

  2. C’était un clin d’œil à la comédie musicale (et à l’air connu qui en est issu) Un violon sur le toit (Fiddler on the roof).

    If I were a rich man…

  3. Referring, indeed, to the precarious situation of the Jews in 19th-century Europe. The title also refers specifically to this painting, or perhaps this one, both by the Russian Jewish painter Marc Chagall. By « tradition and joy », says the WP article, the Jews maintained their place in a world that could turn on them to loot and slaughter at any time.

  4. Paintings and other images showing people are not supposed to be made and displayed in the shtetl!

    (I suppose it’s funny that I just finished reading My Name is Asher Lev and that I’m currently reading The Gisft of Asher Lev. Or, rather, that I am busy with the French translation of these books, which is not very good for the first book. But on Mars it seems impossible to get the English version of Chaim Potok’s books.)

  5. A. J. P. Crown

    Can’t you buy things through Amazon and get them sent to Mars? I don’t know what I’d do without Amazon, it’s much cheaper than buying English books in the shops here.

  6. Well, it’s not always easy that way. Sometimes you need to pay taxes and fees (on top of what you have already paid to Amazon) and most of the time you need to go to some obscure place in Port-Louis to fetch your parcel yourself. I prefer to order them through the library I usually go to, but for some reason they have never been able to get any of Chaim Potok’s books in English I had ordered.

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