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La fête de Makar Sankranti
[14 Jan 2004]
Les [M]auriciens de foi hindoue célèbrent aujourd’hui, mercredi 14 janvier 2004, la fête Makar Sankranti.
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Sankranti ne constitue pas le nouvel an hindou car c’est seulement à l’occasion de l’Ougadi que Dieu a débuté le processus de la création. Makar Sankranti est aussi la fête de la moisson en Inde. (qui “souhaite un Joyeux Sankranti aux mauriciens”) :

L’île Maurice célèbre Sankranti
Jeudi, 14 Janvier 2010 00:00

En ce 14 janvier, les plages de l’ile grouillent d’indo-mauriciens* à l’occasion de la fête hindoue de la moisson, le Makar sankranti.
The Hindu:

On January 14, the sky is adorned with something other than the usual clouds. A spectacular show of vibrant colours unfolds high in the sky. The most colourful festival of Gujarat is the festival of kites and it is known as Uttarayan. It falls on the eve of Makar Sankranti.

The story behind this festival is that people on this day welcome the sun after the retreat of the cold winter season. The word Sankranti means the entry of the sun from one zodiac sign to the other. The sun moves from Dhanus to Makar sign on this day. It appears this day to march back in the northern direction.
* mauricianisme