It all started with this: Contribution à un inventaire des particularités lexicales du français de l’île Maurice.

This is a book about words and expressions that are used by French-speaking people in Mauritius without being « pure » standard French, or that are used with meanings that differ from the ones found in standard French. Its author, Didier de Robillard, is a Mauritian academic. His work is available online, on a website that hosts online books about particularities in French from Reunion, French from New Caledonia, French from Central Africa and even French from Mars.

Like probably most Mauritians knowing some French and going through this list, I wanted to add my bit. There were also words and expressions I hadn’t really heard or with which I didn’t agree completely. Little by little, by asking my memory to get things out and by questioning relatives, friends, colleagues or acquaintances, the list grew up, until there was a feeling that this would work better if I put it on the internet with a possibility for visitors to contribute their own bit and give their own feelings about this, that or the other. Especially the other. Very often digressions have a better taste than the main course.

[To be completed…]



Un peu plus là :
(Plus encore un peu de bakhshish dans la rubrique « About ».)


26 réponses à “Introduction

  1. Now, how on Earth could I organise my list of « mauricianisms »? I’d like to have say a post per word or per expression, but I’d like the full list to be available somewhere, with the possibility of updating it regularly (and easily).

    Somebody out there?

  2. A. J. P. Crown

    Update blogroll: META (à la main droit) > Site Admin > Links (à gauche) > Edit / Add new

    Separate tab for ‘Bad Guide to Navigation’: META > Site Admin >Pages > Add new

    Bigger & smaller fonts: Don’t know. But Nij would know.

  3. A. J. P. Crown

    Is Mauritius really called l’île Maurice in French? I didn’t know that.

  4. Yes, just like Maurice Chevalier. That’s why it is difficult to think of the island as a « she ».

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  6. A. J. P. Crown

    How to get rid of these aliens?

    Site Admin > Appearance > Extras: Then you check the box that says ‘Hide related links on this blog, which means this blog won’t show up on other blogs or get traffic that way’.

  7. Okay, thanks, I managed to shoot the aliens. But I still have three pages hidden in the folds of space-time. They exist but I can’t get them to show off a little bit.

  8. Pages: see the other thread.

    Your list can go in the sidebar, in a page, or you can write a post and link to the post in the sidebar.

    Bigger and smaller fonts: this is done with HTML code. I use the post editor. Use « visual  » view (not « HTML »), then click the arrow next to « paragraph ». You will see some options for « Heading 1 », « Heading 2 », etc.

  9. A. J. P. Crown

    Nij: click the arrow next to “paragraph

    On mine, it says ‘Format’ not ‘paragraph’.

  10. Oh, yes, it says « format » before you select anything.

  11. A. J. P. Crown


    In England you say that the telephone is ‘engaged’, and in the USA you say it’s ‘busy’ (occupé).

  12. Yes, even if we don’t always like it, we can be quite English at times (and not only at tea time). Yesterday my wife was phoning some friends while I was trying to understand how this blog thing worked*. She put the phone down and said to me: « C’est engagé. »
    « Ha, » I said to myself, « just listen how this Martian is speaking! »

    I didn’t know that American phones were never engaged. Thanks.
    * At this very moment the window to type comments in seems somewhat too large and some letters are disappearing on the right…

  13. Only people can get engaged here–we sometimes do that before we get married. We’re really not ready for anything ungendered like telephones to start doing that just yet.

  14. The window looks fine to me–I have Firefox.

  15. Unfortunately this theme doesn’t allow writing anything on the image at the top. My little unsubtle subtitle is gone. I now have to write it directly on the jpeg image, but I’m not sure I can do something clean enough. One would probably need a Crown with proper Photoshop to do it.

    Anyway, thanks for your help Nijma.

  16. You don’t need Photoshop. You can do it with Paint if you have that on your computer (right click on the image and then select « open with »), or with Irfanview, which is free (you can google the download, and once it’s in your computer you can right click on an image and open it with Irfanview too.)

    But it’s very time-consuming–you might want to wait until you are sure this is the theme you are going to use. An alternative is one I use with Camelsnose–to put the slogan in a text box in the sidebar.

  17. A. J. P. Crown

    Just tell me how you want it and send it to me.

  18. A. J. P. Crown

    (I did mine in Photoshop).

  19. Thank Hat too, he’s as much a midwife to these new blogs as I am, although he tries to act all innocent and escape the blame. He will probably put you on his blogroll too as soon as you finish sweeping up the dust.

    Alas, the shoemaker’s children go barefoot and my own poor blog remains little more than a way to get my attention quickly. It will have to stay that way for a little while longer though since grades are due next week.

  20. Siganusk

    All right, I’ll let those who know do it.

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  22. Siganusk

    Oh dear, this blog-thing can drive people crazy. This page exists:
    However, when one goes to the page on which it is supposed to be visible — —, there’s nothing to be seen about any ‘4 bornes’. How can something that exists not be visible, uh? (I would need at least a Jesuit to explain that to me.)

    Now, why am I writing all this in English? It looks as if I have exported a dilemma that is frequent in Mauritius: what language to use. Simply by choosing to speak in Creole, French or English, there is a message that is transmitted instantly regardless of what is being said and how. A tricky problem sometimes.

  23. Why does the Bat Signal have the shape of a bat?

    It looks like « four bornes » is not part of the clins-doeil page, but is nested under it. So « clins-doeil » is the « parent » page. If you want 4 bjornes to show up, you will either have to write it in a post, create a new blog for photos, or use the « pages » sidebar widget (appearance>widgets). Or just edit the clins-doeil page and put it in there. You can look on the test blog to see what I mean.

  24. Siganusk

    Bat Signal? Where?

    use the “pages” sidebar widget (appearance>widgets). Or just edit the clins-doeil page and put it in there.

    Okay, I’ll have a look at that later (am already late). If the fool doesn’t understand than he will cry for (more) help…

  25. Sig: Now, why am I writing all this in English?….Simply by choosing to speak in Creole, French or English, there is a message that is transmitted instantly regardless of what is being said and how.

    If you use the Bat Signal, you want an answer from Batman.

    If you ask a question in English, does that mean you want an answer in English?

  26. And why not just use posts?

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